Update Completed!

 Mar 23rd

We are now finished both hardware and software upgrade in all servers. Our main switch is already connected to the 10Gbps Fiber Optic Dedicated Port. As you can see, we have 4 servers connected to the main switch with 2Gbps connection each server with 10Gbps burst bandwidth. Now all servers are running over 1Gbps (approx. 1.3-1.7Gbps ... Read More »

Urgent! Serious update

 Mar 20th

Urgent! We will be performing several hardware and software updates on our servers this Wednesday and Thursday from 11.00am until 11.00pm (GMT+7), which will be effected to Delta and Alpha server. We would like to announce that Alpha server will no longer be connected to peers outside Thailand after Thursday night. Some configuration will be ... Read More »

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