Here's the seeding result!

 Apr 28th

We're still in testing period. The seeding speed appears to be stable now after fixing an issue with the CISCO switch. We're mostly test with the 
bitDED tracker because of the number of peers. Of course, huge number of active users make The Seedbox .Asia seeds faster. Here's the result!

Testing after finished achieving a few modifications!

 Apr 27th

Bravo! We've just finished implementing some changes and everything's running smoothly as predicted. 
As you can see, we still in a period of system testing. We've decided to officially launche this website (theSeedbox.Asia) within next month.
Stay tune!

ruTorrent leeching & seeding test with bitDED's torrent files.

 Apr 24th

The Seedbox .Asia - (24/04/2016) ruTorrent leeching&seeding test with bitDED's torrent files.
As good as it gets with Thai tracker this day. Cheers!

Peerflix Video Streaming Feature has been added!

 Apr 17th

Stay tuned for massive new releases! Peerflix Video Streaming is now ready!

- Peerflix Streaming :It  is an experimental video streaming BitTorrent client. It can be used with a magnet link or a torrent file.

- Stream Video via Web Browser! (Only file extension that natively supported by the browser)

Bittorrent Sync is now ready !

 Apr 12th

We have added a number of new improvements to the features, which are
- Bittorrent Sync : It is a proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronization tool available all platforms.

Click to enlarge the picture!

ruTorrent 3.7 + WebUI Speed Test!

 Apr 5th

We have tested many features included in the Seedbox functions, which are
- (Passed) ruTorrent 3.7 with WebUI  
- (Passed) FTP / HTTP Download
- (Passed) Download / Upload Speed Test from Bitded Tracker as shown in the picture below

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