We would like to announce to our Thai customers that we were no longer using the payment gateway with KASIKORN BANK from now on. Due to this critical issue, there were more than 500 transactions stuck in the system and all of them were caused by the system which linked to this KBANK. That's too bad. Our Thai customers must be upset about it and we sympathized with your condition. That's terrible. It took more than two weeks to finish checking hundreds of transactions manually.
Therefore, we would like to let our Thai customers know in advance that the automatic payment system with all Thai banks will be considered to be closed soon. In order to continue using our service, PLEASE USE PAYPAL to complete the transaction. Paypal will be the major channel for the payment system because their system never down for maintenance for the past 4 years of our business. 
Be patient, it would be better soon. 

- The Seedbox .Asia Team

 Sunday, October 28, 2018

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